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How to Prevent Water Damage While on Vacation

No one wants to come back from relaxing vacation to the shock of nasty water damage or flooding in your home. At 3D Environmental, we have made it easy for you to leave your home and feel assured that you’re safe from water damage.

Here is a checklist to prevent water damage when you leave for your travels!

Shut Off Your Main Valve

Shutting off the main valve is so simple and can be such a preventative measure. Simply switch it off and test a faucet in your home to be sure. This cuts off the water that enters your home and can prevent freezing pipes or any leaks that you don’t catch before you go.


Check For Water Leaks

waterleak2Make sure to check all pipes in your home for leaks before you leave. Look under the sinks in your bathroom, kitchen, utility room and garage. Also, don’t forget to check your water heater! It’s important to look for any rusting or cracks in it. Take time to have someone check the roof, any disrepair may let in rainwater that could cause water damage.  


Check Your Hoses

Make sure that all of the hoses to your appliances are intact and not leaking. Your washing machine, dishwasher and refrigerator hoses, if damaged or abnormal, can leak and cause water damage to your flooring and potentially to your foundation. A simple inspection can prevent this.


Clear Rain Gutters

Take a look at your rain gutters and downspouts. Are there any debris such as sticks, leaves or other buildup that could potentially create a blockage? When these passages become blocked, they can easily overflow and cause flood damage to your home.



thermometer-isolated_MJg41_8u_LKeep Temperature In Mind

In the San Diego area, we don’t worry too much about weather. But with this particularly cold and wet winter, we may need to take freezing temperatures into consideration. Freezing pipes are a real concern in these lower temperatures, but they can be prevented with insulation, leaving the heat in the house on low while away, or simply shutting off the main valve while you’re out of town.


At 3D Environmental, we want to make sure that your water damage concerns are on the back burner while you’re out of town. We’d like you to come home to your beautiful home and find it in one piece. However, if that doesn’t happen, we are here to get the repairs done as efficiently as possible so that you can return to your home and find any damage or mess taken care of.    


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